eye spy!
Woody say?

films   About Schmidt
films   A Great Wall
films   All That Jazz
films   Almost Famous
films   Amélie
films   American Beauty
films   Annie Hall
films   An Unmarried Woman
films   As Good as it Gets
films   Being John Malkovich
films   Big Night
films   Blade Runner
films   Breakfast at Tiffany's
films   Breaking Away
films   Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid
films   Camille Claudel
films   Chicago
films   Cinema Paradiso
films   Chocolat
films   Close Encounters of the Third Kind
films   Desperately Seeking Susan
films   Dr. Zhivago
films   Don Juan de Marco
films   Eat Drink Man Woman
films   Edward Scissorhands
films   84 Charing Cross Road
films   El Norte
films   Europa, Europa
films   Fahrenheit 9/11
films   Fame
films   Fast Times at Ridgemont High
films   Fiddler on the Roof
films   Finding Forrester
films   Garden State
films   Gone with the Wind
films   Green Card
films   Grosse Pointe Blank
films   Harold and Maude
films   High Fidelity
films   Iron and Silk
films   Junebug
films   Kiss of the Spiderwoman
films   Koyannisqatsi
films   Lars and the Real Girl
films   Leaving Las Vegas
films   Like Water for Chocolate
films   Little Miss Sunshine
films   Lost in Translation
films   March of the Penguins

films   Memento
films   Midnight Cowboy
films   Missing
films   Moulin Rouge
films   Muriel's Wedding
films   My Dinner with Andre
films   Once
films   One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
films   One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
films   Rain Man
films   Raising Arizona
films   Reds
films   Run Lola Run
films   sex lies and videotape
films   Shakespeare in Love
films   Shall We Dance? (Original)
films   Shine
films   Snow Cake
films   Stranger than Fiction
films   Sweet Land
films   Tampopo
films   Testament
films   The Big Chill
films   The Butcher Boy
films   The Crying Game
films   The Dish
films   The Fabulous Baker Boys
films   The Full Monty
films   The Graduate
films   The Hours
films   The Joy Luck Club
films   The Piano
films   The Princess Bride
films   The Rocky Horror Picture Show
films   The Royal Tenenbaums
films   The Sheltering Sky
films   The Terminator
films   The Tin Drum
films   The War of the Roses
films   The Wedding Banquet
films   Throw Mamma from the Train
films   To Kill a Mockingbird
films   Tortilla Soup
films   Trainspotting
films   2001: A Space Odyssey
films   Waitress
films   War of the Roses
films   What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

Completely biased enjoyment . . .
worth the price of admission and a large popcorn

Golightly. Holly Golightly.

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